Albert 1997Albert Pabek was born in Detroit, Michigan on the first day of summer.  An only child, he is the son of the late Frank and Betty Pabek.

Until the deaths of his parents, Albert lived in the family home.  His father died in a workplace accident.  Mourning the loss of Frank, his mother died of a broken heart the following year. Albert sold the family home following his mother’s death and moved to a small apartment, where he lived until 2008.

A college dropout, Albert was fired in 2008.  A victim of economic displacement during the Great Recession, he lost his job as a production worker at Metal Presses Incorporated in the Detroit area.

From 2008 to 2012, Albert designed and built Teleport, his 60-foot, technologically advanced sailboat, in a central Michigan barn.  He trailered Teleport to Seattle in late 2012 and launched her on January 1, 2013.

He now lives aboard Teleport full time.

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