Top Shelf Suspense Thriller Mystery Writers

Suspense thriller authors that rank high on my list of experts at their craft:

Lee Child – it’s a true rags to riches story.  Lee Child was out of work and had a family to feed.  With pencil and paper, he knocked a #1 best seller and introduced the world to Jack Reacher.

Michael Connelly – previously a newspaper reporter from Florida, he introduced us to detective Harry Bosch.   Try out The Black Box and The Black Ice.

David Baldacci – another top selling author.  Baldacci previously practiced law and now has 27 best selling novels in distribution.  Interesting fact –> Lee Child has an inept thug in his latest book named David Baldacci.  Jack Reacher breaks both of Baldacci’s arms during a scene aboard a cross country flight.

James Patterson – prolific, no other word to describe him.  Patterson has a unique approach to writing his novels.  He develops the story’s framework, then shops out the details to ghostwriters.  Later, he builds the story together with his own unique touch.

Joseph Finder – a graduate of Yale and Harvard.  Finder has been writing since great fiction since 1983.  Paranoia and Company Man are my two favorites.

Have your own ideas on the best writers?  Let’s hear it.