Book 1 – The Owner

Book 1 in the series
Introducing The Vigilante Sailor – Albert Pabek

Released September 20, 2013


It’s the first day of summer… 

Aboard his technologically advanced 60 foot sailboat yacht, Albert Pabek sails under the Golden Gate Bridge. He pushes a large container overboard and watches as it sinks to the bottom of the San Francisco Bay.

Albert’s revenge is now underway.

He had five years to prepare. Now, he has three days to complete the mission.

Before the day ends, Albert ends up face to face with multibillionaire, Karl Remons. The founder of Remons Global, Karl Remons is a murderer, swindler, womanizer, and money launderer. He will do anything, to anyone, at anytime. No one can stop him.

Karl Remons is THE OWNER. 

After that meeting, the plan immediately goes awry. A new friend betrays Albert. Two explosions within minutes of each other rock opposite sides of the country. Someone dies. Finally, the black helicopter disappears.

Then, there’s the Homeland Security fiasco.


THE OWNER is a SUSPENSE THRILLER taking its readers on a NONSTOP, HEART-POUNDING thrill ride through each page and every chapter.

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