• Sailing Texas :  Started in 2003 by David Luckenbach, this website is the best place in the USA (not just Texas) to list and find free full color picture ads of mid and low priced sailboats for sale by their owners.  Sadly, David passed away in 2010 after a year long battle with cancer.  He chronicled the battle at  David’s Cancer Fight.  David’s wife, Alison, continues to operate the website.
  • Sailing Anarchy :  One of the best sites to find out anything about sailing.  The forums are very active.  The site appeals primarily to adrenaline sailing junkies and racer types, but has a wealth of information on sailboats and sailing trends, in general.
  • Catalina Yachts :  Frank Butler formed Catalina Yachts in 1970.  He’s more than 80 years old today and still runs the company.  Catalina truly introduced sailing to the masses with the introduction of the Catalina 22, a trailerable sailboat that is still one of the most popular across the country today.
  • Bruce Kirby Marine : Bruce Kirby created the Laser, the most popular one man high performance sailboat in the world.  The Laser is an Olympic class sailboat designed for the most athletic sailors, but still sailable by the casual weekender.  In 2012, Bruce Kirby filed legal action against the contract manufacturer Laser Performance.  Today, with more than 200,000 boats having been produced, the future state of the one-class design is up in the air.  So, pick a side to believe in and join the fight!

SPORTBOATS  – The latest trend in the recreational performance sailing category.  Primarily in the 20′ length range, with 8′ beams carried far aft, these boats are designed for crew sizes of 2 to 3, high speed planing, and easy transportation.  New prices range from the mid $20s and continue to the $60s.

  • Viper 640 : The Viper 640 is the perfect one design performance race boat. It combines the stiffness of an open keelboat with the acceleration and planning abilities of a dinghy. The Viper is a joy to sail with a precise and exhilarating feel on the helm, a comfortable open cockpit for 3 people, strict one-design class rules and ease of launching at any tide.
  • Melges 20 :  The Audi Melges 20TM fulfills the need for a more compact, yet spacious, fast, well-built sportboat. With its introduction, Melges Performance Sailboats is proud to deliver the next generation in sailboats. An exclusive Reichel/Pugh keelboat design, it is advanced in every respect. It will be simple to sail, made with high quality materials, beautiful and very easy to rig with wide appeal to many skill levels, ages and genders.
  • Rocket 22 : The Rocket 22 has been covered by Sailing World, 48 North, Sailing, Pacific Yachting and SAIL Magazine where it won an Editor’s Choice Award.  It’s not as popular as the Viper or Melges.  However, the performance is similar and used boats can occasionally be found at reasonable prices.
  • K6 : Innovative from the very start, the design concept was for 2 or 3 crew sailing a fast, easily driven hull, offering exhilarating sailing. It had to be physically easy to sail and stayed upright. It needed to be quickly pulled out of the water and taken home or parked, removing the cost and worry of moorings or berthing. All this has been achieved and more!

ONE MAN SKIFFS  – Another big trend in the recreational performance sailing category, these boats are tippy rocket ships.  Sailed only by the most athletic and risk/reward focused sailors, these vessels are 15′ to 18′ in length, with 7′ to 8′ beams carried far aft.  The ideal and only crew size is 1.  High speed planing, sometimes topping 20 mph is common, at least for the well trained sailor.  New prices range from the mid $10’s and continue to the $40’s.

  • KI
  • International Contender
  • 29er
  • Musto Skiff
  • ASL 18



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