Series Overview

Readers have asked where things are heading. Here’s a snapshot of the series:


The Owner is a standalone mystery-suspense-thriller. It’s a story about Albert Pabek and his vigilante mission to avenge the deaths of his parents. The storyline is deceptively twisty and you’ll be guessing until the end. The book opens with an interesting mystery, the middle of the story gets really crazy, and the book closes out with a huge surprise.

For one and done readers, the story is a perfect ten to twelve hour read (it’s 450 pages long). There are no lose ends and it has an awesome close.

For those of us who enjoy continual character development that can only be delivered in a series, a lot of readers asked for more Albert Pabek stories. The Detroit vigilante really touches something in each of us. Albert is a simple guy who is tired of power and money hungry people ruining his life, and the lives of his family and friends.


Set three months following the shocking ending in THE OWNER, Albert returns to San Francisco. His return is focused on bailing out his friends, but along the way, he realizes quickly that the ripples created by his earlier actions are te real reason. The ripples have now turned into waves of destruction. The waves are his fault, too.

THE OBSESSOR kicks off the Albert Pabek series. It’s a great read, and it establishes the broader group of characters, and reveals the flaws and selfish motivations of each person in the story. Of course, Albert and his allies weren’t and aren’t near as perfect as it seemed in THE OWNER. There’s also additional antagonists, new friends, and ever-growing-larger problems.

Book 2 wraps up a few storylines, but Albert is in a real jam in the last few pages…


Continuing from the tailending of THE OBSESSOR, Book 3 in the series follows Albert as he seemingly conquers his dilemma in the second book, but still struggles to focus his energy productively. He’s off balance and irrational. And, he’s bordering on outright criminal status as the story continues.

The other allies are in a lot of trouble, too. The real villain is revealed, and he’s a helluva lot more powerful than the main character from THE OWNER. Pete Quinn and Rebecca Underwood, the primary antagonists in THE OBSESSOR, are no match for the offender in Book 3, and he is really the biggest problem in Albert’s “new” life.

Book 3 concludes with a soft ending. It has as much closure as real life situations can, and it’s open to the reader’s imagination if Albert has reached his “peace”. (Of course, Book 4 confirms he didn’t get there.)


Releasing in Spring 2017, Book 4, THE OBJECTOR, brings some hard closing ends to the stories threading through THE OBSESSOR and THE OWNER. This time around, Albert really does make it back to the first day of his new life.

Quinn and Rebecca, now strongly disagreeing about who is the most powerful, realign their respective ally bases. Metal Presses Incorporated is back in the picture. Bill Shefford has pulled a phoenix move, and he is more powerful than ever. And, then there’s the lady from Key West…


Albert’s adventures in Book 5 move back to a single storyline, traditional beginning-middle-end kind of mystery-suspense-thriller novel. Book 5 has Albert in new waters. Teleport is being tested with new gadgets. The new technology, impressive even to Albert, shows how much power the sailing vessel really has!